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Re-using VBA code in Primavera SureTrak

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David Kersey
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I had posted this to the Primavera Project PlannerP3 forum; it was suggested that I should try re-posting here.

I have created macros in Microsoft Project 2003 and 2007 using their VBA programming language. I have been considering using a Primavera product such as SureTrak which I am told creates macros in SBL(Softbridge BASIC Language).

I would like to hear any users’ comments on the re-usability of the VBA code in a SureTrak Macro.
I am sure that the object classes and their properties and methods would differ from application to application and would have to be altered. I would like to know if the VBA programming logic that performs calculations, reads from and saves to text or binary files created in a Visual Basic program, etc. is re-usable.



Rodel Marasigan
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Yes it is re-usable. You can use either VBA or SBL which both work for P3v3.1. I assumed same in SureTrak. I don’t have SureTrak in my machine now so I cannot confirm it to you.