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Showing which predecessors & successors are drivin

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Ian Wilkinson
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An activity can have many predecessors and successors. You can see them in the predecessors and successors Form.
I use MSP 2000 and P3.
Does anyone know whether the predecessors and successors Form can be customised to highlight which predecessors and successors are driving the selected activity?
In P3 the equivalent predecessors and successors Form highlights the driving predecessors and successors with an asterisk.
By driving I mean those predessors or successors which have zero free slack relative to the selected activity.

This feature would be useful for tracing critical paths. I know that you can use a filter for critical path activities or create a filter for activities with different total slack values but this is nowhere near as effective as tracing the driving logic using the predecessors and successors activity form.


Zhang Haixiang
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Hi Tom,

Good method, but it is not so accurate.
if one of the pred. of the milestone have a min. free float,that not means this pred. is driving the milestone, because its succ other than this milestone may cause the min FF. Am i right?
Tom Hadley
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Hi all

I have the same issue in MSP, this is how I have addressed it (partly):-

Lets say you have 20 or so activites feeding into a milestone and you want to identify which ones are driving

First filter on tasks which have the milestone as a succesor, then filter these for criticality or free float.

My understandin gof the definition if driving is :-

Those activities preceeding an activty which are either critical or have minimum or zero "free float"

i.e. any delay to these preceeding activities will inturn delay the current activity

I would be pleased to get some feedback an dview on this solution

Kind regards

Zhang Haixiang
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I’m writing a VB code but have some problem
the code can only deal with Lag in day or eday,for lag as 50% the result is no correct.

the method is to caculate the start date for the task using each pred. if the caculated date is the same as MSP, then the Pred. is considered driving.

Is there any other easy method?
Robyn Brown
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Dear All,

It is possible for MS Project to provide an analysis of the activity driver information. This needs a bit of additional VB coding, but will quickly and clearly show the full CP\Driver for each selected milestone.