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Different Between Item Description Boq and Drawings

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Balachandran Kand...
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Dear Sir,
The Project is Remeasured Contract. in the BOQ Description it mentioned 60/80mm grey paving block and the drawing its mentioned 60/80mm Charcoal Paving block. the charcoal Paving expensive item. The Grey Paving low price for per m2.according to the drawing it will be a material variation or no. please advice.

thank you


Mike Testro
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Hi Andrew

I think it is a good thing when threads cross over disciplines. There are factors in the QS realm that does have a direct bearing on project planning.

Ken Sadler gives excellent advice in this forum on money and contract issues - paricularly on the issue of defined and non-defined provisional sums - and he is not a planner.

Best regards

Mike Testro
Andrew Pearce
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Not only the wrong forum but not a planning issue!
As planners we dont give a monkies if the blocks are green yellow or gold. We dont care if they cost twice or three times the price, we are only bothered if they take longer to lay or longer to procure!

Please guys leave the money to the bean counters who are paid far more than us!

For what its worth I consider that drawings nearly allways take priority over bills of quantities.
Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Balachandran,

You will need to check your Contract document regarding the Priority of Documents. If your contract is under FIDIC, then as per clause 1.5 the priority is in the following sequence:

a) The Contract Agreement
b) The Letter of Acceptance
c) the Letter of Tender
d) the Particular Conditions
e) General Conditions
f) specifications
g) drawings
h) Schedules

The same clause also mentions that "if an ambiguity if discrepency is found in teh documents , the Engineer shall issue and necessary clarification of instruction."

And if you go the clause the definition of
"Schedule: means the documents entitled schedules, completed by the Contractor and submitted with the Letter of Tender as included in the Contract. Such document may include the Bill of Quantities, data, lists, and schedules of rates and/ or prices."

Mike Testro
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Hi Balachrandan

This thread is in the wrong forum category - please try to place your threads correctly.

Meanwhile if there is a discrepancy in the contract documants you normally have to notify the Architect / Engineer / CA for an instruction as to what is required.

Best regards

Mike Testro