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What are the main differences between a Forum and a Blog?

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Rafael Davila
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  • Because Blogs and Forums are under separate tab and have a different layout there must be some reason and purpose for this.  Perhaps is how postings are moderated but I do not want to speculate, better if PP Admin tells me.
  • No matter what the reason and how they are managed the interface might be improved if ease of navigation is improved. I find Forums easy to navigate and better organized, on the other hand Blogs are all under same heading with no sub-heading making it harder to navigate. Perhaps navigation and organization shall be similar to Forums with some minor differences .


I tend to agree with you.  Forums usually contain a request for help or information and people use the functionality to reply with answers and guidance (and sometimes with critisism) while a Blog post is usually someone presenting a "paper" or their opinion or presentation on a subject (and often advertisement in some form).  Now alot of bloggers do want us to comment and reply in order to get "hits" and some dialogue going.  When you think about it / the above, I am not sure why Bloggers (or people who create a Blog post) don't use the Forum as it serves the same need.

It's an interesting one.  I curently do not see the value in the Blogs as the purpose and functionality are largely the same.

Rafael Davila
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  • I do not find Blog Tags useful at all when performing a blog search, too much noise as most search output will be related to forums, not blog articles. 
  • PP Blogs are difficult to navigate. 
  • I was expecting to see a list of available blog tags or the like. 
  • Perhaps I am missing something.
Alexandre Antonios
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Hello Rafael, 

(B) Blog: (Web-oriented)
The thread is the main article
The comments are there for discussion, credits and insights. 

(F) Forum: (Community-oriented)
The thread does not need a specific structure
A thread/post does not need to bring knowledge in itself, it can be a question or a discussion
A thread/post can be specific or broad as long as it's categorized

Blog -> The blog is the newspaper people would read on a nice day.
Forum -> The forum is a 'virtual social club' in which people group up to discuss different thematics. 

Please note that blogs' articles are categorized in tags or keywords that lead you to judge its appropriateness with your current browsing objective. Finally, there might be additional moderation settings and technical authorizations that are invisible to us.