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Integrated Project Delivery Approach

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Prial Handig
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In the IPA approach, if the owner assembles the project team without regard to any pre-existing relationships among team members, how can the owner successfully select a primary participant contractor? What are the best practices (tested) criterias or procedures?


Vijayasarathi Ravi
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Does the E have a PMO setup of a suitable context?

If he does: a verification of the scope and resp. matrix needs to be done to ensure that all areas of the project execution are covered, Special attention needs to be paid in responsibility assignment. If E does a good assessment of the capabilities of the HR, the combined matrix would give an efficient coverage of the roles and resp. of the team.

If he doesn't or is disinclined to take up such an exersize: The onus would be on the PM to streamline assignments (need a strong PM, who if is on the job, and has the capability to consider HR, will be able to extract the best out of the team and get the job done successfully.

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