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"ns" in predecessor / successor columns

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Bo Johnsen
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Have just purchased Powerproject and is now trying to find out how it works by following some of the tutorials, help-functions and so on. I’ve also opened an existing file and as I like to see my predecessors and successors in columns by ID/line no. I’ve defined the table definitions as such.

Can anybody explain what "ns" e.g. in "ns FS 0d" means? I’ve several of those with different start dates - and they are not constrained. How does this "ns" work?




Richard Kennedy
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ns means the task that is linked to/from is "not shown" in the current view, usually due to a series of tasks being collapsed from view or the task has been marked for hiding.

Razmik Aslanian
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My friend

You can find complete tutorial in youtube, or you can have them free from ASTA


Razmik Aslanian

Simon Martin
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I may be wrong but I think it means the predecessor/successor is ’not started’.
If you look at the properties for a particular task (right click on a bar and select ’properties’) and then look at its links, it gives you the progress for each predecessor/successor.