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Is there a way to adjust display of successor , predecessor column?

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Polat Turan
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For example if I enter a link such as 4SS+2, the successor colun shows it as 4SS+2 days. I do not want it to write "days" there. Because I have limited print space and just because of word "days" I am losing horizontal print area. Is there a way to adjust the display of successor column to say only 4SS+2 here, without writing "days"?


Jerome Odeh
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Add 2 custom Text fields, say Text1 & Text2 and enter the following formulas in them. Text1 = [Predecessors] and Text2 = [Successors]. In these new columns, "days" will be shortened to "d".

Hide the default predecessor and successor columns and rename Text1 to "Pred" and Text2 to "Succ".

Rodel Marasigan
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Hi Polat,

The short answer is NO. Because it is the indication of what duration has been set. You can change it to Min, Hrs, Wk, Mth or Day but cannot remove it. Otherwise how would you know the duration settings of each activities such as Minutes, Hour, Day, Week or Month?