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Prater Facades & Roofing

Robert Smith

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Started with a 2day P6 course, then went into planning for a Building Envelope company using Asta Power Project, were I developed my skills on sequencing, updating and delay analysis programming.


Current working with P6 for a large Infrastructure company on a Nuclear site. Design/work comes through via instructions from the client, this then goes into the program and scheduled with resource and cost.

the program then has delays, due to the late design and resequncing of works.


Professional Since: 
Aug-2015 (8.9 yrs experience)
Oldest experience: 
Jun 2016 (8.0 yrs experience, WARNING: 0.8 years variance with Professional Since)
Years Experience: 

/ Construction Project Planner / Senior Planner / Forensic Analyst, Prater Facades & Roofing, Manchester Airport Transformation Programme, Manchester Goods Yard, Midland Metropolitan Hospital, Royal Liverpool Hospital

START Date: 
January, 2019

Project planner for the North region. Programmes for Manchester airport T2 extension, CSSB - Royal Liverpool hospital, Midland Metropolitan Hospital, Manchester goods yard. Taking over from the tender programme as project planner, establishing agreed Clause 31 programmes and the progressing onto agreed Clause 32 programs with dashboards for progress planned v actual. Advising when the end date changes and the requirement for establishing a new baseline due to delays of VO's.

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