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The Evolving Arc of Management

1 year 9 weeks ago

To successfully transform our organizations and adopt new ways of working, we need to understand how we got here.  The study of management is a social science.  It influences our thoughts, management practices, and organizational behaviors. 

Social sciences provide valuable insights.  But they are not always testable, timeless, or universally applicable


Top 9 Benefits Of Career In Project Management

1 year 11 weeks ago

Are you at a point in your life where you are thinking what kind of job is best for you? You might be considering a few options but you are unable to decide what type of career path would be most suitable for you. My suggestion would be to go for a career path in project management even if it is not among your options.  Because following the project management career path will provide you


Beyond IT: Reinterpreting the Manifesto

1 year 14 weeks ago

Agile was initially conceived to deliver software projects more quickly.  We have now learned to apply these principles and practices well beyond technology.  Leading enterprises are now focusing on business agility—building the organizational capability to respond more quickly to the ever-changing competitive landscape.

Seventeen technology thought-leaders from


Agile Beyond IT: Lean Thinking

1 year 17 weeks ago

Agile is a mindset described by a set of values and principles.  It traces its roots to Lean, which is also foundational to other modern management theories.  Lean’s primary focus is delivering value quickly and eliminating waste.  

Toyota was a Lean pioneer.  Out of


The Conundrum of Three Point Estimation and PERT

1 year 19 weeks ago

Is an estimate based on multiple points more accurate than a single estimate?

If we go with conventional wisdom then it certainly would seem so. A mean of more than one estimate is likely to give us better result.

In project management, there is a three-point estimation technique. It calculates the expected duration based on three different estimates. It calculates the mean of


Pick Your Battles Wisely

1 year 22 weeks ago

Conflict exists.  It is a natural part of being human.  It occurs at home and at work.

We disagree.  We have different perspectives and opinions.  We get upset by things that were said, or not said.  These events arouse our emotions.  We become angry or afraid.  

When there is conflict, we cannot control the other


Gantt 101: Building a Better Project Schedule

1 year 26 weeks ago

The Gantt Chart is the most widely used project scheduling tool.  It visually depicts the project’s activities, when they will occur, and their interdependencies.  When used correctly, it is powerful.  Unfortunately, most Gantts are poorly constructed,


How to remove suffixes from dates and display both dates for milestones in Primavera P6

1 year 32 weeks ago

If you came into Primavera P6 from a Microsoft Project background, you would have noticed that actual dates have the suffix “A” appended to them, and constrained dates also have an asterisk appended. And milestones have a blank date field depending on the type of milestone.

In this YouTube video, I will show you a trick you can use to


How to create a Lookahead Filter in Microsoft Project

1 year 34 weeks ago

How would you like to create a rolling date lookahead in Microsoft Project instead of using the default Date Range filter? Users of Primavera P6 are used to defining the criteria for lookahead filters using Data Date or Current Date and we can also do same in Microsoft Project using Status Date or Current Date rather than pick


Economics 101 for Project Managers

1 year 35 weeks ago

Economics is the social science that studies making choices subject to constraints.  Project, program, and portfolio managers make economic decisions daily.  We try to maximize value delivery subject to the constraints of time, cost, quality, risk, and resource availability.  

Economics can help project managers make more informed decisions.  It


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