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2 Ways to Create Level of Effort or Hammock Tasks in Microsoft Project

39 weeks 6 days ago

While Microsoft Project does not have a straight of the vbox Level of Effort activity type like primavera P6, you can still add Hammock or Level of Effort tasks to your Microsoft Project schedule, using one of 2 workarounds. 

The first workaround is the recommended method from Microsoft while the second method is one that is very common in the subsea construction world.


Milestone-Kanban: A Hybrid Project Scheduling Technique

40 weeks 4 hours ago

The Milestone-Kanban Schedule (MKS) is a hybrid project scheduling and management technique that combines traditional and agile best practices.  The technique is well-suited for simple and complicated projects where the required deliverables are clear, but the time and effort needed to create them are not.  It embraces iterative planning, uses milestones to establish a


10 LinkedIn Profiles Project Planners and Schedulers Should Follow

41 weeks 1 day ago

The LinkedIn profiles below will be the first 10 profiles I would recommend to any Project Planner or Scheduler looking for people to follow on LinkedIn, as reading these peoples’ posts, comments and likes will enrich your LinkedIn feed.

I learn from these Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs


Show mmm-yy date format in a Microsoft Project schedule

42 weeks 6 days ago

Sometimes during project budget proposal requests, bidders might only want to show indicative dates in their bid schedules to the client and an easy way to do this is by showing only the month and year of a task in a Microsoft Project schedule.

Another scenario for displaying schedule dates in mmm-yy (month & year) format is when the schedule is a summary roll-up (Level 1 or 2) for


Display different date formats in different Views of same Microsoft Project schedule

43 weeks 5 days ago

While Primavera P6 users are restricted to same date format for all Layouts of a schedule, Microsoft Project users have the luxury of using different date formats in different Views of the same schedule.

While in one View, you might display dates in “dd-mmm ‘yy” format, in another View of the same schedule, you can display dates in “dd month year”, so different audiences can have


Unlock the Power of the Project Management Plan

45 weeks 2 days ago

The project management plan (Plan) is a powerful tool.  It describes how the project will be executed. It should be tailored based on the project’s context and needs.  A good Plan reduces the likelihood of misunderstanding, conflict, and disappointment. Unfortunately, in the rush to start a project, insufficient time is often devoted to creating the Plan.

This article


Taylorism: Then & Now

48 weeks 4 days ago

Frederick Winslow Taylor shaped the field of management science.  He believed systematic and scientific methods could be applied to managing operations and production.  His work inspired the formation of the Harvard Business School and the modern assembly line.  The 


Disciplined Agile & SAFe

1 year 1 week ago

Disciplined Agile® (DA) and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) are two popular, second-generation agile methodologies.  They build on lean-agile thinking; and standard Scrum, Kanban, and DevOps practices. They offer practitioners tools to extend and mature their agility beyond the team to programs and the broader enterprise.  

They emerged about a decade after the


Simple Rules for High-Performing Agile Teams

1 year 5 weeks ago

Servant leadership and self-organizing teams are foundational Agile characteristics. However, defining these principles is like explaining gravity to a child—clear, tangible descriptions are elusive.  The image of an English butler still comes to mind when I hear “servant leader.”

We can use simple rules to deconstruct, visualize, and describe these abstract concepts. 


The power of norms to estimate maintenance activity duration (and why you shouldn’t live without them)

1 year 8 weeks ago

Estimating the time, duration and cost of the work order activity’s is something maintenance planners need to do every day.

The challenge is getting this right, and the cost of getting it wrong can be extremely high. At IAMTech we produce software called iPlan that allows


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