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Project Planning Engineer (Oil & Gas), Alghanim International General trading & Contracting Co., Water Management at GC’s 3, 4, 7 and 21 In SK area

START Date: 
June, 2017
END Date: 
December, 2020
  • I developed logical linked overall integrated project execution programs (resourced and cost-loaded) that comply with the planning standard and client requirements
  • I prepared annual capital and operating budgets in line with the work program and prepared the forecast plan and budget
  • I Provided details on materials to ensure the procurement teams have early visibility of the project requirements
  • I prepared the Claims and Variation orders (both Time & Cost)
  • Monitor, control and analyze the project program and cost information using Earned Value methodologies
  • I prepared detailed staffing and Equipment’s utilization plans, project execution plan, Progress Measurement system (PMS) etc.
  • I produced the Tender Schedule and supporting information in accordance with the tender requirements
  • I prepared daily, weekly and monthly Progress reports, manpower and Equipment histogram, EPC ‘S’ curves, etc.
  • Monitor overall project progress status, achievement of major milestones, and analyze project performance in relation to planned performance and highlighting any deviations from the baseline and propose corrective actions.
  • Participate in schedule risk analysis and prepare critical impact analysis report (CIAR) and communicate potential risks and serious concerns to management
  • I have effective client interface skills and experience with the ability to offer both strategic and project advice by developing appropriate analytics and metrics.
  • Build excellent working relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Prepare and submit the monthly invoices to client and take the certification from Client.
  • Prepare resources logs (manpower/materials/equipment) as reference baselines of project and monitor during different phases of projects
  • Make sure all working teams of Project are aware of how to avoid delays and reworks and ensure all are working towards a common aim and Create a schedule awareness atmosphere among all project participants
  • I evaluated and approved the schedule produced by sub-contractors and ensure that their schedules are robust, identified the critical paths and contain the full contract scope of work fit within the specified timeframes
  • Coordinated with production operations and maintenance departments from Client and schedule the workforce and resources for the smooth execution of planned shutdown
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):