Project Controls & Planning Manager, Control & Applications Emirates, Becrel, Alstom, ABB, EEPL, Multiple

START Date: 
June, 1991

A Project Controls Manager with more than 20 years of rich experience in various fields (2 Year in Mining Industry, 11 Years in Power Sector & 7 Years in Oil & Gas Industry) is currently associated with CAE -Abu Dhabi since Apr-2007.


Present Job Profile:


Present Position– Project Controls & Planning Manager


Project Planning & Scheduling:

  • Supervise Preparation & finalization of Planning Package which includes WBS, Level-1, 2 & 3 Schedules, Progress Measurement Systems, S-Curves, Manpower & Equipment Deployment Schedules, Project Calendar and Project control Procedures.
  • Generate “S-Curve” for all projects Phase.
  • Generate Cash flow, resource, material & equipment histograms and curves.
  • Critical Path Analysis.
  • Perform schedule monitoring, including identifying critical activities
  • Evaluates subcontractor schedules and align it with project master/ baseline schedule.
  • Using schedule compression techniques (in case of Fast Track projects) to obtain the optimum project plan, which will fulfill the new contract terms and schedule.
  • Highlight problem areas and issues and suggest remedial action.
  • Liaising, to ensure proper interfacing between different project teams.
  • Preparation of tender schedule during proposal.


Project Cost Control (Manpower, Equipment and Material Management)

  • Support the development of Project Cost Breakdown structures (CBS) and their allocation from the estimate.
  • Identifies, monitor, track and report the project baseline budget VS actual expenses on regular basis.
  • Verify, monitor quantities and man-hour accrual to measure site performance and crew productivity. The same will be published as and when required.
  • Verify Variation orders and change orders and invoice the same after execution.
  • Process and Issue project monthly progress invoice, in line with project progress %, with all necessary supporting documentation (P.O, Material inspection reports, work Inspection reports,  ) to comply with client payment requirements.
  • Review and verify Subcontractor’s Monthly progress invoices and certify the same.
  • Monitor project cost by using Earned Value Management technique (EV), Cost Performance Index (CPI).
  • Use Activity Based Costing (ABC) as a concurrent method to monitor the performed work cost and to analyze breakdown cost for all project activities.
  • Use Activity Based costing (ABC) as a superior method to estimate the labor/equipment productivity, which is very important to measure the project performance, and use these data for future estimation.
  • Implement Performance Indicator for project disciplines as an evaluation indicator.


Project Reports:

  • Release project controls variance reports Plan Vs Actuals percentages to track and act on areas of improvement.
  • Supervise daily, weekly and monthly reports production, and submit the same to client and top management.
  • Supervise updating of master plan from various sites/ Projects and circulate "look ahead" plan after updation.
  • Generate plan Vs actual S-Curves.


Subcontractor Performance Control & Monitoring:

  • Establish scope matrix to insure complete coverage of project scope of work.
  • Review all subcontractor plans to insure full compliance with project master plan.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress and performance of project’s sub-contractors to ensure proper overall progress.
  • Analysis of subcontractor delay/ Claims to minimize additional owner expenses. 


Departmental Objectives, Goal settings and continuous improvements

As a head of the department, self is responsible for defining departmental objectives, Goal Setting, and tracking improvements.

  • Responsible for Complete Planning and Project Control  Activities on a company level.
  • Defining Departmental objectives, and implementation of the same.
  • Recruitment of all Project Controls team members.
  • Organizing regular trainings for all project controls team members.



Specific Skills

  • A good Team Player, with sound Knowledge in Project Controls activities like, Planning/ scheduling, Progress monitoring, Generate Progress S-Curves, Cash flow curves, with Primavera Project Planning software – P6.
  • Cost control, Cost Forecast, done on a regular basis.
  • Identifying key project requirements and issuing early warnings.
  • Inter department co-ordination.
  • Preparation of tender schedule during proposal.
  • Knowledge in Bechtel data base systems like EPPR, INFO WORKS, BPS etc. Cost control, Cost Forecast, Oracle, MS Access and other Microsoft Products.
  • Knowledge in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation systems associated with Power Plants & Refineries.
  • Knowledge in Construction of power plant and Oil & Gas Industry.



Exposure to type of industries:

  • Oil & Gas Projects
  • Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine & Hydro Turbine Plants.
  • Sea Water Intake & treatment Plants.
  • Lignite Mining Industry.
  • Transmission and Distribution Industry.