Project Controls Engineer, Al Jaber Energy Services, Carbon Black and Delayed Coker Unit Project

START Date: 
August, 2013
END Date: 
January, 2014

ATo monitor the cost and project progress trend-lines using the various project control methods and planning strategies

AIdentify the delays in the execution of the project or activities via schedule analysis and PERT methodology of sequencing the activities with even distribution of loads

ACoordinate with the Cost engineers to devise means of extracting details of the project cost and schedule health with respect to planned and forecasted cost

ACoordination and regulating the functional weekly and monthly progress review meetings with various departments as well as the project teams

AEnsuring that the Safety standards and quality standards are adhered to in real practise during the execution of various works at site, in fab shop and on shop floor

AImplementing the best practises related to project controls such as Recommended Practices for Project Controls and Planning, Recommended Risk Management Practises, CPM, Earned Value Management system

ADelegation of quantitative tasks based on the plan scheduled by means of 3 weeks look ahead, one month look ahead as well as 3-month look ahead

AContractual compliance assurance monitoring for the subcontractor works as well as in line with the main contractor works sub contracted to us

Cost estimation for project in terms of manpower, equipment, overheads as well as cost at completion; in line with the forecast deployed by the project team for cost and schedule on monthly basis

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):