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Project and Administration Manager, BUE Caspian Ltd, Geco Gamma, Geofizik 3, Akademik Nalivkin, Pennzoil Guneshli

START Date: 
June, 1993
END Date: 
October, 1999

Project Administration Manager. Baku. $30m project completed ahead of schedule and within budget. End to End management of all aspects of a complex project from feasibility to delivery in the Caspian Sea of operational 3D seismic survey vessel ‘Geco Gamma’.

Project and Administration Manager. Baku. Feasibility report and tender document preparation, project planning and expediting. Successful accreditation of Q/A & Safety Systems to ISO 9002. Acceptance of BUE Engineering as sole RMRS contractor for the Caspian region.

Office and Administration Manager. Baku. Responsibility for all repair and supply of office equipment, networking systems, administration of cash flow and local payroll of $0.5m / month demand. Managed all onshore staff and supporting systems for 100 Baku Ex-pat employees.

Base Manager. Baku. Led all aspects of administration, supervision, hiring and onshore support for operations. Introduced Q/A and Safety Management systems.

Senior Engineer Superintendent. Baku. Supervision & planning during successful $6m major refit and conversion of 3D seismic survey vessel ‘Geofizik 1’.

Engineer Superintendent. Sunderland and Baku. Planning and supervision of $18m refit, Volga-Balt transit and subsequent recommissioning in the Caspian Sea of 3D seismic survey vessel ‘Akademik Nalivkin’.

Base Engineer. Baku. Planning and supervision of refurbishment and upgrade of a fleet of 5 oilfield support vessels.

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):