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Project executive manager, SPIC Yuanda Environmental Protection Engineering Co.,Ltd., Yanshan Lake 2×660MW Unit Denitration Modification Project

START Date: 
July, 2013
END Date: 
July, 2014

Yanshan Lake 2×660MW Unit Denitration Modification Project
Served as the deputy project manager for the first time in the project, organized and coordinated various issues between the owner and each subcontractor during the project implementation phase, participated in the review of various plans, and was responsible for completing project collection and other tasks. Under the premise of ensuring safety and quality, the project successfully completed 168 hours of trial operation. The installation of the catalyst reactor has created the honor of the shortest installation time for the same 600MW unit. The project has successfully completed the environmental protection inspection and acceptance, achieving the Northeast Company's goal of achieving NOx emission reduction for the largest unit