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START Date: 
August, 2005
END Date: 
January, 2013

Responsible for overall development of job packs and execution schedules that will deliver pacesetter turnaround performance in safety, environmental, and business performance for low/medium and high complexity events.

Turnaround & Shutdown Management
•     Turnaround & Shutdown Planning, Scheduling / Preparation, Control / Monitoring and Close-out reporting
•     Coordinate and Supervise Major Turnaround / Shutdown preparation activities with Operation, Maintenance, Reliability, Engineering and outside parties
•     Preparation of Job-list, Turnaround / Shutdown Package, Work-orders (PMEX & PMIN) and Master Plan
•     Preparation of invitation to bid (including Scope of Work, Method Statement, General guidelines & procedures, Contractual Documentation, Terms & Conditions, etc.) for outside contract jobs
•     Issuance Control & Coordination for all outside contracts with Vendors / Contractors / Manufacturers / SABIC Services Limited (SMO)
•     Issuance & Tracking with SMO Purchasing Section and Liaison with Vendors & Contractors to arrange ordering of required services
•     Purchase Requisition issuance & PO Tracking of Critical & Non-critical Spares & Services to ensure their availability for Turnaround
•     Prepare contingency plans for Turnaround / Shutdown Critical path
•     Generate Report & Presentation (Progressive & Analytical) on weekly basis for Management & other sections (Maintenance, Reliability & Finance)
•     Preparation of Close-out report & Critique Report

Maintenance Management
•     Creation of Maintenance Plans (Strategy Plans, Counter-Base Plan etc.) and development of Maintenance strategy dealing with PM
•     Identify the appropriate PM to be performed on existing or new equipment through research of vendor information, discipline subject matter experts, modeling outputs, RCM tools, results of historical data, etc.
•     Ensure that schedule services are entered into the SAP system based on the development of Maintenance Strategy or equipments
•     Identify opportunities to extend PM intervals and work with Reliability section to evaluate the impact of changing PM intervals based upon probability and consequences i.e. risk
•     Notification & Work-Order Management for CM & BM
•     Create & Maintain Functional Location Structure Hierarchy and update SAP system
•     Create & Maintain Equipment Structure Hierarchy, in SAP system for New Equipments, Superior & Junior Equipments
•     Create & Maintain components (BOM) of critical & non-critical spares in the Material Management for most, semi and less critical equipments and to optimize the availability and inventory
•     Also adds, identifies and builds spares parts list in SAP systems per the Maintenance Strategy
•     Generating on monthly basis Maintenance Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s) & performance monitoring reports
•     Prepare Statistical Report on regular basis to reflect the performance of each sub-section of Maintenance Department

Material Management
•     Creation / Amendment of Material Data Master for Stock items (BOM), through software like RAMIS, PEMPTO, Oracle based GAS APPLICATIONS, etc.
•     Process & Monitoring of Stock obsolescence items
•     Inspection, Coordination of Spare parts & other Direct charge Materials
•     Generate & Analyze Monthly Inventory Reports of warehouse
•     Monitor Material / Spare movement for High Consumption, Zero Stock, Capital Items, Repairable Items, Non-Stock Spares, etc.
•     Supervised Warehousing projects like Standardization of Inventory (launched in all 16 Affiliates of SABIC simultaneously); ABC Analysis of Spares Project; Inventory Optimization Project; Stock Level Determination of Spares Project, etc.

Contracts Management
• Assist in preparation of the Department budget and any proposals from Maintenance Department.
• Ensure that all contracts administration activities are updated and registered in the Master Services Files in order to ensure proper contract audit and management. Perform all filing and archiving activities and ensure that all contracts documentations related to the Technical Support department are filed and archived properly.
• Audit Contracts and ensure them matching GAS and Maintenance department requirements and make sure they are matching GAS Terms and Conditions.
• Prepare reports quarterly for payment tracking and ensure utilization of the services.
• Monitor vendor qualifications and performance and update Safety records.
• Update the Accrual report monthly.
• Receive and prepare new task order paperwork, coordination and implementation setup.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

• Resolve Conflict, Isssues & Claims.

Work Contacts:
• Regular contact with Operations, Maintenance, Reliability, Accounts, Safety and Security at similar or next higher level to plan and coordinate routine Turnaround / Shutdown & Maintenance work.
• Regular contact with SMO to follow up on Purchase Requests for Services, Contracts, & Material imports / exports, Technical & Commercial Evaluation of Services & Spare parts Coordinate with SS Inventory section etc. Also regular contact with contractors to review on progress of maintenance contracts.
• Frequent interaction with Inventory & Warehouse staff to review the services provided by them.
• Occasional contact with Equipment Manufacturers, SABIC SS-Site Projects, other SABIC Affiliates etc. to obtain any related technical assistance.
• Contacts with Technical Support departments and sections.
• Contact with outside Vendors / Service providers

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):