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Planning Engineer - Design & Construction, Yanbu Steel Company - Saudi Arabia, Saudi Strategic Storage Program

START Date: 
December, 1997
END Date: 
December, 2004



  • Seven (7) years of Total involvement in planning and project management for Fabrication Shop and site erections.
  • Develop the most appropriate method and sequence of construction operations.
  • Plan and oversee the entire programme of work anticipate a contract's demands in terms of labour, materials, equipment and technical challenges.
  • Ensure that construction is completed safely to a high technical standard, specifying the timing of the contract.
  • Database management and control interchanging data extracted from 3D models.

Work activities include:

·         Prepare Programme selecting the appropriate techniques and sequence of events for the project with reference to the clients required project coding structure (activity codes, resource IDs, Cost). Drawings, project model and relevant information supports the process.

·         Calculate manhour requirements for activities and allocate manpower resources for specific activity requirements.

·         Establish weightage factors for Construction phases for effective monitoring.

·         Presenting schedules of work with visual aids such as bar charts and procedures diagrams, (3D models where required in presentation)

·         Providing advice and support on the development and concessions.

·         Monitoring progress throughout the construction process and comparing this with the projected schedule of work and induce all changes.

·         Detailed monitoring of activities and preparation of relevant reports graphical and tabular graphs and charts as basis to make decisions.

·         Lliaise with the site agent and surveyor throughout the process, making adjustments to projects as necessary.

·         Review of design and detail drawings to generate work breakdown structure

·         Preparation of call-off orders reference to plan.

·         Present queries to the client for some site and design deviation

·         Preparation of project database for monitoring procurement, fabrication, delivery, installations and site erections quantitatively.

·         Monitoring of equipments and resources as per project phase requirements to ensure minimum downtime.

·         Keep track and control of project documentation in a centralised Project Database.

·         Co-ordination of As-built drawings preparation and documentation.

·         Performs necessary tasks related to the technical aspects of the project.

·         Coordination with the production and site erection group, QC, Fabrication, vendors and all necessary personnel involved to get things done according to schedule.

·         Monitoring of manpower resources making sure that no personnel or departments have unbalanced work loads in order to maintain efficiency and quality of work.

·         Preparation of concession models, sketches, in case where design and site inconsistencies arise.

·         Finalised project bills of quantities and raise Project Variation claims for some issues.

·         Assist Site Manager and work in coordination with Planners, Document Controllers, As-built draftsman as one team in Planning / Project Controls department.