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General Manager, CZI Consulting, Automotive

START Date: 
September, 1990


2015-10 ÷ Present

CZI Consulting SRL, Cluj Napoca


- Developed and executed solutions for complex factory problems.

- Act as catalysts across organizations for performance improvements.

- Provide improvements for manufacturing processes and prepare tools to enhance performances.

- Develop, provide and coordinate Lean training programs on demand.

- Oversee and direct process improvement teams to help them achieve business goals.



2013-07 ÷ 2015-07

SANEX, Cluj Napoca


Managed the Production, Maintenance, Technology and R&D departments with aprox. 400 employees.

- Increased factory savings with 30% through improvement and saving projects in all departments.

- Increased OEE by 15% through production flow optimization, machine break down reduction and improved product quality by 30% through process optimizations.

- Implemented 5S, SQCDP, Kaizen and Lean concepts in the plant, through continuous training and improvements.

- Increased employee awareness, sustaining Lean, maintenance and safety training.

- Reduced the maintenance cost with 25% by increased efficiency, optimized spare parts purchase, reduced labor costs, implemented preventive and predictive maintenance plans.

- Increased health, safety and environment in the plant by implementing the safety management POLICE (plan, organize, lead, inspect, correct, evaluate), Poka Yoke tools, equipment and environment improvements.

- Project manager for a new production line.


Casthouse Director

2012-10 ÷ 2013-06

UACE, Baia Mare


Managed aluminum casting business for Airbus and Boeing parts with 18 employees.

- Implemented 5S and Lean initiatives in the Cast House using root cause analysis, 5Why files, PDCA, FMEA, 8D, SPC`s methods.

- Decreased the raw materials and hardeners inventory by 20% through optimized EOQ,

- Developed a factory casting plan,

- Improved R1-D1 to 95%.

- Implemented Casthouse KPI`s.

- Increased the safety through rigorous material and equipment verifications.

- Developed shift leaders from the


Production manager

2011-09÷ 2012-07 (temporary)

Premium AEROTEC SRL, Brasov


Managed Pre-production, Milling, Turning, Debarring, Tool shop, Production planning and Quality control departments with around 200 employees.

- Increased OEE by 20% through process and work optimizations.

- Decreased downtime with 30% through operators training program.

- Reduced the scrap level by 10% through fault identification, use of 5Why, SPC, Pareto tools and trainings.

- Reduced material handling with 15% through Lean projects, Kaizen workshops.

- Designed and implemented the 21 shift project model for the Machining section.


Operations Manager

2011-01÷ 2011-07 (temporary)

Unilever Romania SA, Ploiesti

Managed Spreads, Savory, Dressing operations, Logistics and TPM activities (317 people).

Coordinated the production team’s activities (making, packing, in-bound logistics) and TPM group activities, project manager for the Savory factory extension and for the CIP cost reduction. Member of the IMS (integrated management system) team.

- Improved OEE by 5% through machine availability and process improvements.

- Created savings of 300 000 € in four month.

- Increased the production efficiency through Kaizen projects.

- Increased 5S implementation in the Production, Warehouse and Logistic departments.

- Ensured the link with the rest of RVS factories (Regional Virtual site).


Production Director

2007-08 ÷ 2010-06

SC Dexion Storage Solutions SRL, Rasnov,

Managed 7 production units (slitting, cold forming, roll forming, welding, ancillary, painting and maintenance). (aprox. 125 people)

- Reduced the scrap level from 8.5% to 2.4% using process control, first time good method, root cause analysis and early warning analytics.

- Implemented the 5S, Kanban, OEE`s, MTBF, MTTR and other Lean manufacturing principles.

- Increased the OEE from 34% to 75% through process optimizations, tolls improvements.

- Reduced rework cost by 50% through tools and jigs improvement and change over optimization.

- Implemented more than 150 improvement project in the plant / year.

- Increased maintenance efficiency with 35% through preventive and predictive maintenance actions.

- Project manager for equipment transfers from two production units located in Norway and UK.

- Increased health and safety standards by Poka Yoke equipment and behavioral based safety approach.

- Developed new coordinators and section managers from shift leaders.


Production Director

2006-05 ÷ 2007-07

SC ICCO Instal SRL, Brasov


Managed production, production planning, purchasing and logistic activities. (40 people),

Coordinated installation projects in different locations in Romania.

- Developed business from zero as start up to 1.4 mil €,

- Managed installation projects up to 500 K €.

- Reduced material stocks level by 20% and updated time schedules.

- Managing health and safety actions on the sites.

- Hired and created a training plan for the new employees.

- Planned and traced projects on Primavera Project Planner.


Production Manager

2005-10 ÷ 2006-04

SC TERWA Romania SRL, Brasov


Managed production and maintenance activities in automotive area. (aprox. 70 people) and the CNC machining processes for steel and stainless steel products.

- Increased productivity by 25% through skill improvement at operators’ level, increased machine availability, decrease process failures.

- Improved tool usage with 30% by optimized production schedules, machining operations, better tool purchases.

- Improved machines maintenance with 15% through planning, operators training and preventive maintenance.

- Started the implementation of SPC, 5S, Poka Yoke and Pareto tools.


Executive Board member

2005-05 ÷ 2006-05(part time)



Monitored the fiscal management activities. Approved annual budgets, audit reports, business decisions, affecting the company. Sustained and developed strategic plans.

Reviewed outcomes and metrics with impact on the company performance and effectiveness.
Served on committees taking on special assignments.


Project manager

2003-09 ÷ 2005-05



- Coordinated more than 25 medium voltage projects with different contractors.

- Managed projects with subcontractors; negotiated contracts, PO issuance, quality management and subcontractor assessment.

- Managed the company relations with the local authorities.

- Member of the ISO 9001 quality procedures implementation team.



2002-05 ÷ 2003-09



- Coordinated installation processes for medium voltage projects with 15 employees.

- Project manager for a construction site at Veszprem, Hungary.

- Quality department coordinator. Certified the company on ISO 9001:2000, in 2002.

- Developed the sales network as sales representative for Southern Transilvania, for Pirelli Cables and Systems Slatina.


Shift Leader

1999-04 ÷ 2002-05



- Carried out the planned programs for the shift in a safe and efficient manner.

- Organized the safety plan in compliance with the company regulations, respecting the environmental rules.

- Perform basic inventory management, performed and organized daily inventories. Monitored stock levels and advised the Department manager about impending outages.


Sales worker

1999-01 ÷ 1999-04


Selling specific products from the shop. Ensured that the products are stored in a correct way in the warehouse. Attached the correct labels on the products. Managed the daily inventories. Controlled the products warranties. Ensured that the place it`s maintained clean and safe.


Chemical plant operator

1994-10 ÷ 1999-01

SC PECO SA, Brasov


Supervised the technological process in oil branch, drawn products samples for laboratory analysis. Monitored chemical reactions, gauges, signals, and recorded and received notification from control laboratory, supervisor, or other workers to make specified operating adjustments.

Chemical plant operator  

1990-09 ÷ 1994-07



Supervised technological processes in a dye factory, drawn products samples for chemical analysis, performed chemical tests on products to ensure conformance with specifications, using standard test equipment, materials, and procedures.  

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
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