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Assistant Planning Engineer, IOT ENGINEERING PROJECTS LTD, 1X300MW MCCPL Power Project, COAL FIRED HETER, OIL& GAS Projects Infrastructurus Storage tanks, THERMAL POWER PLANT 600MW

START Date: 
July, 2007
END Date: 
August, 2014

ü  Preparation of planning schedule at different levels.

ü  Recourse Planning & assignment,Interaction with field personnel for developing schedule activities.

ü  Baseline Schedule preparation and progress comparison.

ü  Preparing Daily/weekly/Monthly progress reports & update.

ü  Preparation/updating of progress 'S' curves for reporting progress to Client/Management.

ü  Report generation and customization of reports.

ü  Understanding project work scope, contract milestones.

ü  Preparation of progressive invoices (RA) for the work done and planning of resource, machinery required to complete the job as per schedule.

ü  Tracking of material consumed, perform periodic material reconciliation and identification of material required well in advance.

ü  To take part in site inspection and preparing reports and documentation of site inspection.

ü  To coordination with site regarding Erection and commissioning of equipment as per protocol and final documentation for handover of project.

ü  Preparation of QA/QC documents (Quality Control Plan,Work Method Statement, Check list/Format, ITP etc.) & review.

ü  Fabrication & installation of cable duct, instrument stanchion, J.B frame, and panel base frame, as per standard drawing & field situation.

ü  Erection of different size cable tray /duct/conduit etc.

ü  Installation of panel/cabinets and console etc. as in GA drawing.

ü  Earthing for panel/cabinets, console & field instruments, Cable trays, JB etc.

ü  Meggering of control, signal & power cables.

ü  Continuity, glanding & termination, loop(core/hot) checking using proper ferruling philosophy.

ü  Installation, Testing & Calibration of Field Instruments.

ü  Strock Checking of control/on-off valve and testing calibration of MOV.

ü   Supervision for impulse piping and tubing (CS, SS, AS) as per hook-up & MOC.

ü  Execution of airline & air header for control & pneumatic/ON-OFF valve.

ü  Preparation of sampling/tapping point for field instruments followed by piping GA.

ü  Installation of PA&EPABX, CCTV system.

ü  Supervising of different kind NDT(RX) & Heat Tracing testing as per standard procedure & MOC.

ü  Installation of security access control system.

ü  Conducting of Hydro/pneumatic test for impulse pipe/tube.

ü  Erection & supervision of power & distribution transformer.

ü  Installation of electrical equipment’s of 33KV, 11 KV, 6.6 KV,415/433 V substations.

ü  Erection & supervision control & power schematic checking of LT & HT switch gear/panel system.

ü  Plant lighting & lightening protection system.

ü  Installation of DG  set.

ü  Erection & supervision testing & Charging IPBD & SPBD,LT/HT bus duct along & NDT.

ü  Having well knowledge on testing equipment for calibration laboratory.

ü  Terminology of cable schedule, Instrument Index, Termination/interconnection Schedule, I/O list,P&ID,PFD,SLD,schematic ,GA etc.

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):