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Management Team

GPC PRESIDENT - To be available to participate in issues of Guild strategy and to represent the Guild; a by invitation role.

GPC EXECUTIVE TEAM - To be available to participate in periodic reviews of Guild policy and day to day operational decisions. This is a by invitation role.

GPCCAR EDITORS - To collaboratively, via a Working Group, maintain, develop and improve one of the GPCCAR Modules. Discussion will take place on the Guild Discussion Forum and / or by teleconference should it be necessary and in accordance with the Editor Terms of Reference (TOR) Proceedure and GPCCAR Change Form.  If you are / were involved and are not listed below then please do get in touch using the email below.

  1. PROJECT CONTROLS  - M.S. Aboulfotouh, Vamsi Chand, Raphael M Düa, Saleh Elshobokshi, Dave Forrest, Mark LeServe, Anthony LoweryHitesh Parikh, Ray Pope, Craig Relyea & Yasir Riaz 
  2. PEOPLE - Paul E Harris, Steph Illingworth, JP Kriel, Mark LeServe, Anthony Lowery & Yasir Riaz
  3. SCOPE - M.S. Aboulfotouh, Vamsi Chand, Benjamin Crosby, Mohd Nizam Daut, Raphael M Düa, Matthew Edwards, Saleh Elshobokshi, Jackie Gilliland, Paul E Harris, Mark LeServe, Anthony Lowery, Sayed Mufiz, Sam Onumah, Forest Olaf Peterson, Ray Pope, James Williams  
  4. RISK - M.S. Aboulfotouh, JP Kriel, Steph Illingworth, Mark LeServe, Anthony Lowery, Philip Rawlins, Sean T Regan, R. Max Wideman, Quinton Van Eeden & Tony Welsh 
  5. CONTRACTS - JP Kriel, Sean T Regan, Mark LeServe & Anthony Lowery 
  6. RESOURCES - Vamsi Chand, Raphael M DüaPaul E Harris, JP Kriel, Mark LeServe, Vladimir LiberzonAnthony Lowery, Ray Pope & Yasir Riaz 
  7. PLANNING & SCHEDULING - M.S. Aboulfotouh, Abkar Bannayan, Chris Carson, Vamsi Chand, Benjamin Crosby, Mohd Nizam Daut, Raphael M Düa, Matthew Edwards, Saleh Elshobokshi, Dave Forrest, Jackie Gilliland, Paul E Harris, JP Kriel, Mark LeServe, Vladimir Liberzon, Anthony Lowery, Sayed Mufiz, Kevin Norman, Pete Oakander, Forest Olaf Peterson, Ray Pope, Tom ReichnerCraig Relyea, Yasir Riaz & James Williams 
  8. COST ESTIMATING & BUDGETING - Ralph Buckles, Chris Carson, Benjamin Crosby, Saleh Elshobokshi, Dr. Paul Giammalvo, Paul E Harris, Steph Illingworth, JP Kriel, Anthony Lowery, Forest Olaf Peterson, Ray Pope, Craig Relyea & Yasir Riaz 
  9. PROJECT PROGRESS - M.S. Aboulfotouh, Vamsi Chand, Benjamin Crosby, Mohd Nizam Daut, Raphael M Düa, Matthew Edwards, Saleh Elshobokshi, Jackie Gilliland, Paul E Harris, Steph Illingworth, Mark LeServe, Anthony Lowery, Sayed Mufiz, Kevin Norman, Forest Olaf Peterson, Ray Pope, Sean T Regan, Craig Relyea, Yasir Riaz & James Williams 
  10. CHANGE - M.S. Aboulfotouh, Vamsi Chand, Benjamin Crosby, Raphael M DüaPaul E Harris, Mark LeServe, Anthony Lowery, Forest Olaf Peterson, Sean T Regan & Craig Relyea 
  11. DATABASES - Vamsi Chand, Benjamin Crosby, Saleh Elshobokshi, Dave Forrest, Anthony Lowery, Forest Olaf Peterson & Tom Reichner 
  12. FORENSIC ANALYSIS - M.S. Aboulfotouh, Vamsi Chand, Richard Croxson, Raphael M Düa, Matthew Edwards, Paul E HarrisAnthony Lowery, Geoff Mann, Sean T Regan & Mike Testro 

GPC EXPERTS - To be available to receive requests from Guild Administration to participate in 1 hour teleconference interviews of a senior Guild Applicants. 

  • Mark Alberts, John Banks, Abkar Bannayan, Aidhean Camson, Chris Carson, Alexander Cartwright, Benjamin Crosby, Raf Dua, Virgil Gray, Haitham E. Khaireldin, Mark LeServe, John Livengood, Anthony Lowery, Geoff Mann, Pradip Mehta, Glen Palmer, Ray Pope, Tom Reichner, Debra Shelton, Pierre Snyman, Paul Spice, Mike Testro, Patrick Weaver & James Williams

The knowledge and competency "opinion" will be formed via a standard checklist matrix to ensure consistency and more than one GPC Expert opinion will be required per senior Guild Applicant. Full support, mentoring and training is provided and all interviews are at the convenience of the GPC Expert.  

GPC ADVOCATE - To be available to speak at worldwide presentations on subject matter pertaining to Project Controls with a Guild bias.  All engagements will be at the convenience / availability of the Advocate.

  • John Banks, Chris Carson, Raf Dua, Virgil Gray, Paul E Harris, Vladimir Liberzon, John Livengood, Anthony Lowery, Pradip Mehta, Julie Owen, Glen Palmer, Dan Patterson, Debra Shelton, Pierre Snyman & Patrick Weaver

GPC MENTOR - To be available to agree to take on three more junior level practitioners who will be entitled to contact the Mentor at times and frequencies to be determined by the Mentor.

  • John Banks, Chris Carson, Raphael M Düa, Paul Giammalvo, Mark LeServe, Paul Spice, Mike Testro & James Williams

All Mentor / Mentee interaction will be at the convenience of the Mentor.

GPC PATRON LIASION - To be available to liaise between the Guild and the Liaison’s employing company.  Their role is to evangelise about the Guild within the company and to coordinate any questions or assistance the Patron may have of the Guild.


  1. If you are not listed here and want to be then contact
  2. All participants will be given Free (non-certified) Membership
  3. When / if GPC funds become available some of the above may become paid roles
  4. There may be / are some members of the above who have elected to remain anonymous in their participation