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Working from home is the key to efficiency

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Elegan Forbes
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A lot of people have to do a job for a living, even if it means being exposed to a program of authoritarian propaganda punctuated by many different moments of frantic productivity. Beginning your own business kicks employers to the curb, but the trade-off is that you should be more than productive - you have to be super-productive. What is left for a lucky few workers is the telecommuting choice. When handled properly, working from home [spam link removed by Gary W] is a winning strategy for businesses and the working class.

Why some businesses frown on working from home

Among employers that take a sour view of working remotely, the predominant reason for not liking it is the potential for distraction. If there is a couch and television accessible, employees aren't typically productive. It is possible to argue that it is more distracting to work in an office with individuals talking, supervisors watching, meetings all over the place and uncomfortable surroundings.

Good positive aspects telecommuting gives


  • Increased production -Large blocks of uninterrupted time are necessary for a worker, especially if that worker is in a creative field. This is possible with dedicated workspace at home. You may need to socialize still. Just meet at a bar after work is up. Sometimes it helps to team build with a drink.
  • Increased documentation - Telecommuters are not in the office and need to document their work. This is a great thing. You may have a reason to keep getting paid after employers see the work that you are actually doing.
  • Efficient use of tools - Talking about work-related topics during work hours doesn't have to be in person. Instant messaging is always an option. Set up a network for instance a VPN if you're worried about security.
  • Trust - An employer sometimes needs to learn to trust employees to work on their own. This raises the employee morale quite a bit.
  • Living a normal life - A person's physical and emotional health is at stake when putting them through the unnatural 40 hour workweek from 9 to 5. Executives are typically allowed to leave whenever they want to do whatever they want. This isn't the case for most workers. They have a strict schedule. As long as the daily needs are met, workers should all have these rights.

How home-based work benefits companies

A ton of money is put into offices by corporations. This can include rent and furniture. Working at home costs less. It is much better when it comes to costs. The corporate office does not have to worry about troubles with company cost when paying everybody to work at home.

Information from

Christian Heilmann's Blog

Read Write Enterprise


How to make work: Leave the office


Gary Whitehead
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Hi Mike,


Elegan is a spammer. I have deleted the spam link from his post and reported him to PP admin.





Mike Testro
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Hi Elegan

This article was published on the Leadership Hub Submitted by Melvin Glandor on May 31, 2011 - 6:51am.

You should not copy and paste other peoples work into the forum and pass it off as your own.

Other members share matters of interest by pasting the link.

Best regards

Mike Testro