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Road Project Planning in TILOS 8

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Saad Ghauri
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Hi all,

I am new to TILOS and currently working on a road project which has 8 steel bridges and concrete bridges also. the road is situated in a hilly area and my project manager wants me to graphically represent it in TILOS. i am unable to find any support from my country anywhere and dont really have any expert in the software in my country. i have made the plan in primavera but i could not export it to TILOS. i am attaching a layout plan of the project and want to know if it can be planned in TILOS and if yes i am going to need some expert support. i am kind of desperate about ir right now. there are lots of sharp curves and steep slopes in the road. i would really appreciate a prompt response.



Mike Testro
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Hi Vladimir

I have found that the best staion points are the points where cut turns to fill. Supported by the Engineer's earthwork schedule I can then calculate the average mass hauls to determine the number and volume of the haul units. This sets the duration of each cut to fill task on Tilos.

Best regards

Mike Testro

Hi Saad,

I am not Tilos user but it looks like your question is not about specific software but about an approach.

It is usual to use stationing when the road length is divided by approximately 100 meters marks and this metrics is used for road construction planning.

This metric can be also used for work with Tilos or other tool for creating time-location charts. When stationing is used the shape of the road does not matter, the project becomes linear.

Ben Taunt
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Hi Both,

Almost Mike - Elecosoft (nee Asta Dev) only have a distribution agreement with Trimble (now the owners of Tilos) covering customers in UK & Ireland.  So we're only able to help users in those territories.  All other questions should be directed at the local reseller, or back to Tilos themselves using support@linearproject.com.

Which country are you in Saad?



Mike Testro
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Hi Saad

If you have a full support subscription then Asta Dev will give you all the Tilos Support you need - by phone or email.

You can also get information from the support knowledge base.

With my new subscription I got a personal 1 hr seminar on Tilos software to get me started.

Best regards

Mike T.