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TILOS TO P6.7 export through XML

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Shalabh saraf
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I am trying to export TILOS to P6 by exporting the former in XML format. It is giving an error which is as mentioned below:

Mode:               MSP2PRMSource XML:         C:\Users\PRIMAV~1\AppData\Local\Temp\stg.primavera.xml (0 KB)Source XSD:         /com/primavera/xslt/xsd/p6apibo.xsdValidator:          class org.apache.xerces.jaxp.validation.ValidatorImpl SEVERE: Premature end of file.SEVERE: Premature end of file. Can any one suggest me an appropriate solution for that. Regards, Shalabh


amir küçük
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Dear Tilos user,

If it is possible anyone can explain to me how I can import from XML file to Tilos ?

Best regard,