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PS8 vs PSNext vs Sciforma

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Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hello all,

I have been using Project Scheduler (aka Project Scheduler Network in France because PS here is the acronym for "Parti Socialiste") since 1991.

My opinion is that Project Scheduler always was far ahead of Microsoft Project; when the editor Scitor (now Sciforma) released PS8 and PC-Inform in 2001, it was the first step toward intelligent timesheets allowing the resources to enter their actual hours and the planner to update his project without entering the same data once again.

When PSNext 1.0 was launched in 2003, the clean and one-fits-all interface was a complete revolution, much easier to use than MS Project Server and Professional 2003.

However, I will regret until I am retired from PM consulting that this wonderful PS8 had come to its end a few years after; I do not think PSNext is a full replacement for PS8, as a full Java collaborative tool cannot replace a simple Windows based work-station application.

PS8 was cleaner, clever, easier to use, faster, more accurate, more powerfull, in one word SO MUCH BETTER than MS Project!

I sorrow PS8!

Alexandre Faulx-Briole

PM Consultant and long time PSx user,

Paris, Algiers


Calvin Raju
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I echo your sentiments...i love PS8...still use it today..despite having SAP Business by Design
Lord Horn
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Same thing I have mentioned in the first post to this forum.