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Risk managment for improvements

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Lubomir Botev
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Hello everyone,

I am director of the business process department in the biggest courier company in my country.We have thousands of processes which are conneced between them and connected with the processes in the managment processes of the company. We have more than 3000 employyes - working with clients and over 200 hundreds in the managment. There are so so many processes and connections. I am responsable for all the changes and improvements in the company. Every employee how the power to make changes and it is our department who is responsible to analyse and decide if/how and when to it.My task is to describe all those processes with bmpn. The main goal is: when making improvement in the company to know where it will reflect in those processes that i described.I am looking for a software where i can describe the processes. Some inteligent software which can make connections and relations between the processes. When a new improvement proposal arrive - that software should help me to find those connections and analyse the risk. The processes can be usefull also for education and etcCan you give me some advices about that kind of risk managment literature and software. Thank you!


Santosh Bhat
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Take a look at a tool called "SharpCloud".
Mujahid Akhtar
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I believe, you are looking for Business Process Management (BPM) Sofware. If yes, then check KiSSFLOW or else you can Google search the BPM applications as there are several in the market. For management of risk, I suggest to develop a Risk Management Plan or Procedure and maintain a Risk Register for all the threats or oppertunities you organization might have.

Let me know if you need more information on Risk Asessement and Management.

Thank you,

M. Akhtar