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Whats the best monte carlo schedule analysis tool for microsoft project

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David Jackson
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I've been tasked with finding a software that we can use to run monte carlo analysis on our project schedules. The majority of our project schedules are undertaken in Microsoft project (client preferences). In a previous role I used Pertmaster and would like to find a similar solution that could be linked to MSP.

We would like to undertake monte carlo schedule analysis on small to mid size porgrammes (say a maximum of a thousand activities). I've looked at a few solutions online but am concerned about:

1) those that export to excel and how they handle realtionships from within the schedule before re-incorporating into MSP

2) the export / import process - how easy is it

2) the times taken by the software to process / complete the analysis

3) price - as is everything these days we have to justify every penny we spend therefore expensive packages such as Oracle's Primavera's Risk are non starters.

So in short asking about peoples experiences and what they would / would not recommend.

Any advice appreciated - Thanks!


Colin Peters
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I sceond David's suggestion of Full Monte and I heard that Primavera Risk Analysis was being depreciated.

But remember that external software shall not be used for MC analysis of resource-constrained schedules. And most external programs do not even try to model resource-constrained schedules.

Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hi David,

Maybe it's too late, much too late ?

Have a look at Full Monte ( and RiskProject (; both can work stand-alone, with P6 or MSP