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Adding risks to summary tasks

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Alfonso St.Jago
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The pros and definitely the cons are clear as to use data on summary tasks in schedules. No relationships, resources and so on. But is there anybody out there that could advise me as to use risks on summary tasks, while using Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis (Pertmaster), or not to. There our different opinions within my company with regard to the assignment of risks to summary tasks. All input is greatly appreciated.


For instance; I have Phase A regarding activities 1-5. I have a 10% existence risk with a duration of 10 days. Do I link the risk to my summary? Or divide it on to my activities at say 2 days apiece?


Abdullah Merchant
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Hi Philip,

With regards to your comment on not being able to add Risks to summary task, in Primavera 6.0 there is a pane where risks can be added. In this there is a drop box where it asks for te WBS to be mentioned to which the risk applies.

I agree with you that the Risk should be added to the activity to better evaluate the repurcusions of its occurance, could you help as to how i can add those risks to activities in my P6 risk register.

Thanking You,


Philip Rawlings
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You cannot put duration risk on a summary bar (but you can for resources), as they are designed to pickup the child task duration. Instead put a task under the summary, within the task stream and out your risks there. The summary task and the child stream will then show the results of those risks.


Rosemarie Daly
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Model your risk onto a task not onto the summary bar. Modelling on the summary bar has no affect on the analysis (making it a wrong thing to do)