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Staff or Contract Positionss

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Colin Cropley
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In Australia & New Zealand, project management and project services positions are available as salaried /staff /"permanent" positions or as contract/ temporary jobs. Some jobs are advertised as being either, so it is up to the respondent to decide whether to accept the job on a staff or contractor basis.

Contract positions usually pay more because they do not provide for holiday or sick pay (but are required to include statutory superannuation payments, currently 8 or 9% of the hourly/daily rate paid).

What are your views on this?
Do you prefer to work on contract or staff?
What are the reasons for your preference(s)?


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Contract position offers me an opportunity to travel the world where the construction boom is happening from property construction trigger boom, high civil and infrastructure boom, oil and gas construction boom, etc.

It broaden my understanding of the different culture and approach in construciton. It also develop high professionalism in work since I dettach myself from politics and company in-fightings. I come to work as a professional. In the event that I become irrelevant, I can always move on to where my my expertise is highly valuable.



Shahzad Munawar
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I agree with Han’s statement as it seems more factual and appropriate.
Andrey Ivanov
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Hi all!
I decided to post my opinion on this topic

As for me I prefer working in huge organizations which have programs and portfolios. And doesn’t matter if you working on contract or not. The main thing is that your experience in Planning and Project Management grows fast.

Colin Cropley
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Its certainly true that staff positions offer opportunities for promotion within organisations that are denied to contractors.

However, contractors can also "climb the tree" to more senior positions by proactively seeking out training and broadening their experience. This increases their attractiveness for senior project roles.

Another plus for contractors is that they are able to detach themselves from office politics associated with remaining in an organisation. But in the end I agree completely with Han - it depends on what your life goals are which kind of work you favour.

An important thing is whether you wish to choose which way you want to go, rather than just let it happen. Someone said to me yesterday "If you think you can, you will; if you think you cant, you wont."

In other words, choose your own future as far as you can.
Han Pekelharing
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Working on contract (or project) basis improves your communication skills and deepens your experience faster than working in a staff environment. However in this way you risk remaining in the same position (planner) all of your working career, as you become more and more valuable to the projects.

The advantage of staff is that you have more chances of promotion to the higher ranks of management through courses and education or just replacing your boss after he moves.

I think it is just what your personal motives are.