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How can I make easy project reports for my customers?

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Magnus Doll
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If you are a project manager, you probably know the problems of creating a fast and meaningful report about the work your team has done.

Well I think the time is over soon! We from Projecker located in Stuttgart, Germany, develop an online tool, which helps you to create the best reports you will ever do.

Our tools is fast, easy, lean, structured and on point. Your customers won’t get disappointed anymore, because with projecker you can communicate with your customers in a direct way.

I hope I have piqued your interest and you want to know more at

Fell free to contact us!

Best regards from Germany

Magnus Doll


James Milner
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Wonderful program for project managers, but we used another in our company. I think that this is more useful

Mike Testro
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Hi Magnus - welcome to Planning Planet.

I have looked at your website which is an impressive creation.

There is one big question - what is  is your input software to generate the reports - I am concerned with the old maxim - rubbish in rubbish out.

If the input data is flawed you will not get an accurate report.

Best regards

Mike T.