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Help - Merging two projects into one - Interview presentation

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Mack Maketa
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I came across this Forum and hoped that Members might be able to help me with ideas and some steer around a presentation I have to put together for a job interview. Essentially, it's a programme management role within an IT environment - I have not led on IT project before. The presentation topic is around merging two projects -  what approach and steps require to be taken. It's a 10 - minute presentation. Do any Members have some nuggets and ideas please? I would be immensely grateful for any help/steer/resource you can give me please. With thanks.


Rafael Davila
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Mack, the steps are software dependent I use Spider Project if you use P6 you need assistance from a P6 user as their Portfolio Management is different the same with MSP.

Tell me the software and maybe I can provide some other clues.

I do not use MSP either but IT People use it frequently so the following links might provide you with some help. It might be you do not have to merge them into a single file, just to open them on a Portfolio View.

I keep my projects independent of each other because that fits our need, Portfolio management adds a few issues you must take care as to distinguish what is project specific and what is common at the portfolio level. Portfolio management is the best way to manage multiple projects, is very powerful when you need it.

Best Regards,

Rafael Davila
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Merging two projects into one requires some preparation before you merge them.

  • Resource definition [availability] and codes must be compatible.
  • Calendar definition[work time,exceptions] and codes must also be compatible.
  • Depending on software activity codes can be an issue.
  • You must also check on all other codes for compatibility and alignment.

After making sure of the above one easy way to merge the schedules is by creating a Portfolio consisting of these two jobs. Another option might be to copy paste activities of one schedule into the other as if a fragnet but making sure all codes definitions are compatible and aligned.

Another strategy might be to add a prefix to all parameter codes as to distinguish them and after merging the schedules decide on whether keeping them apart or merge some/all.

I suggest practice this using two very different schedules, each with different resources as well as some in common, each with different calendars as well a some in common, each with different WBS structure.

Good luck.