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Incompatible project conditions - need help.

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Roman Malynovskyi
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Hi all!

On one current project I have on one side - clear and fixed delivery date, and ongoing changes from client (in design, flow etc.) on other side. 
So now I have groving scope of work and client that want project to be done by date defined for less scope of work. 

I'm new for project management and such situation is like a challenge for me.

How would you deal with such situation?
What can you advice in this case? 

Maybe this topic is not for this branch, correct me if it so please. 



Mike Testro
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Hi Kevin - Welcome to Planning Planet.

I have only come across two cases of EoT that were delayed by Legal Issues - One was a missing Wayleave the other denial of access by a neighbour. I would not place it at the head of events that may cause delay.

If you have had a different experience then please share it with us.

I have found that client change is the most prevelant cause for delay to projects followed by late design / free material issue.

Best regards

Mike T.

Kevin Young
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Hi Roman,

If you want extention of time in prevailing project as it seems it won't be possible to do it in defined time, then must share the reason with your employer


Extension of time appeals are generally insisted for following reasons

·         Sometimes, work performance is hampered and delayed by legal issues

·         The Owner asks for a delayed beginning

·         Additional work included in the relevant 

which one suits you just go ahead with that..............

Mike Testro
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Hi Roman - Welcome to Planning Planet.

Your clear and fixed delivery date is - or should be - flexible. So that if the Employer wants something diferent to that which you promised to do then the time for doing it should be changed.

This is the fundamental principle for an Extension of Time (EoT) for the contracted completion date.

Look for the clause in your contract that will give a list of situations whereby the Employer has to give you more time.

The sole reason for these clauses is to protect the employers right to deduct damages (LAD's) if HE delays the works - if there is no such clause then he cannot deduct damages if HE delays the work.

Also check the Notices clause because if you do not tell the Employer in time that the work will be delayed you could lose your right to claim an EoT.

There are many topics in PP dealing with EoT and claims so research the site to gain knowledge.

If you need any further giudance send me a private message.

Best regards

Mike T.