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Slippage Calculation using Total Float

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Jeff Limpin
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In P3 3.1 is that possible to calculate the current total minus the target total float and put the answer in the column. The reason I’m using this option because if I use the varaiance target finish only give me the change of duration comparison not the slippage impact of the project.



Ashok Kamath
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Can you not establish your Target Project in the Project Overview dialog box (Targets tab)and have a column in your graphical view that shows Variance Target - Early Finish

Have your Baseline schedule as the first Target Variance column to compare with current.

This should show you a running tally for slippage.
Ashraf Jahangeer
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Hi There,

The question is how to copy?

Global change is not possible.


Scott Sando
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How about:

Copy the target float figures into a custom field, then create a second custom field subtracting current float from the figure in the first custom field?
Larry Rino
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Is it really necessary to show the difference (current total float minus the target total float) in P3, if not I suggest to export your P3 data in Ms Excel and put formula in the difference column (present it in Ms Excel).

I hope these helps.
Ashraf Jahangeer
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I broke my head over it but could not do it through global change.

There is a more crude method of exporting the Target Float and Current Float and importing the difference in a Cutom data column.