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Requesting As-Builts

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M Colon
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As a project manager consultant in charge of contract administration I was tasked with the chore of requesting As-Builts from a government agency. Such as builts might be in microfilm while others I might not even find.The Government agency has proven to be uncooperative of providing these As-Builts since survey has to be performed on these areas anyways. The sticky point is that, eventhough survey is required, work might not have to be performed on this areas depending on elevations(which I can assess from the As-Builts) and not waste any company money in survey charges. My question is,What is a good argument that I can present to the Owner to convice him of releasing these As-Builts? What would be the best plan of approach while dealing with the bureocracy of a government agency? Please let me know if you have any suggestion, Thanks, Myrelie


Se de Leon
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On how you can convince the owner to conduct survey, perhaps you can prepare a "what if" scenarios showing the additive variation orders as a result of inaccurate or no as built plans. This may include extended overhead costs, additional design cost, delay implications, acceleration cost and the like. Then, you can also prepare the corresponding cost if: "what if you have accurate informations" for comparison. I hope this can help. P.S. I read your postings in, are you still with Miami International Airport? The reason I'm interested to know is because I'm also currently working in an Airport Porject here in Manila Philippines.
Mark Lomas
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IMHO As-builts are fine as drawing backgrounds, but if you are doing work, you need the survey (can you trust the as-builts ?) Bureaucracy usually needs a kick from someone senior (ie more senior to them), who can you enlist to help make your request.