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Revised baseline having two different schedule percent complete for the same data date

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Akbar Shahabudeen
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Hi Everybody,

The MBSL was prepared and approved before 2 years & it worked fine. Recently my Master Baseline schedule (MBSL) was asked to revise due to Extension of Time. I revised my MBSL by inserting new milestones & corresponding links also been changed.

Now my Problem is, when I start to update i get 2 different schedule percent complete for the same data date.

ie., on extracting the monthly cashflow in revised baseline I computed the monthly planned value. when I attach it to the updated schedule with actuals by making a copy of revised baseline report I get different value, not as same as planned value obtained through cash flow. But i hope it should match

There was no change in resource assignment only links have been changed.

Please help me to fix this issue


Best Regards,