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Diffrent between Value of Work Done (VoWD) and EV

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hanson California
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Dear All,


I just wondering what are the diffrences between the Value of Work Done (VoWD) and EV, what I understand they both same because the cosidering the % of work be done from the total budget cost. Please, let me know if you have diffrent info.


Thank you All,




Stephen Devaux
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Interesting. Further extension of the deep confusion in project management caused by the use of the term "value" to refer to "cost" -- a confusion compounded by PMI in 2004 when they changed "Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled" (BCWS) to "Planned Value" (PV). I know it's too complicated for PMI to understand, but of course it should be "Planned Cost" (PC).

There is only the most tenuous relationship between cost and value, and the conflation of the terms is part of what is destroying project management. "Cost" is the invested dollars in resources to execute the project investment -- the expected "value" is the REASON for that investment. And, as with every investment, the expected value is ALWAYS greater than the expected cost -- often greater by a gigantic magnitude!

But project management's confusion with earned value is a big part of the reason why ROI, or NPV, or expected monetary value (EMV) -- which is THE prime metric for all OTHER investments -- is so ignored in project management!

As I wrote in Managing Projects as Investments, anyone who doesn't understand the difference between "Cost" and "Value" is hereby invited to a poker game.

Fraternally in project management,

Steve the Bajan


Dinesh Kumar
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May be it is more accurate to say, VoWD is the earned value against EAC at that point of time. For example, if an item price is budgetted originally as $100 and baselined, at 50% milestone payment the EV should be $50. Now assume that during actual procurement process, the item price was qouted and PO/SO issued for $150. Now at 50% milestone the VoWD will be $75. EV is related to BAC whereas VoWD is more related to commitments.

Quoted from Wiki

"Unlike the earned value, which measures the value of goods and services received as a percentage of the planned value, the VOWD is not measured against the plan, but against the committed cost.VOWD is not solely based on goods and services receipts.

VOWD is not solely based on cash and or invoice payments. VOWD is not simply a milestone based costing valuation. These components are referenced in determining VOWD, however VOWD is a more fulsome valuation determination of the full value of goods and services committed to and obligated to, at a point in time. Regardless of whether they have been paid for or have been completely received"

Hope that clarifies the difference.


Dan Daun
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Dear Sir,

VOWD and EV not the same. for the calculation method is diffrent.



hanson California
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Dear All,

Thank you vfery much for your quick replay. I got the diffrences now by your help. I need to know onemore thing if in Primavera P6 we have an activity code can show the VOWD or if there is equations we have to use inorder to calculate the value?


Thank you again



Suroj Ghimire
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Dear Hanson,

I agree with Raymund De Laza.Lets clear with example

If u have done 50% of the work that cost $ 100 in total.It means that your earned value is $50. But it doesn't mean that your actual value must be $50. It may or maynot be $50 due to various reasons like escalation in cost, change in work scope etc.




Raymund de Laza
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What I understand is they are different as that the Value of Work Done is the Actual Value of what was actually Performed considering the current actual rates and actual quantities while EV is derived from the actual values calculated from the Planned/Scheduled Data loaded in the program.

Likewise Actual Cost and Earned Value Cost are different.

Hope this will help.