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Relationship lines colour change in P6 v7.0

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Lalit Sisodia
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Hello Planners,

Does anyone jnow how to change the reelationship lines colour in P6? It wasa there in P3 and even in Suretrak!


Zoltan Palffy
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yes red critical non critical black

Santosh Bhat
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You don't get to decide which activities (and therefore relationships) are citircal or not, its a function of the underling CPM calculation of activities.

Bruno Ponraj
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can anyone suggest how to change the red line to black ( critical to normal)

Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Lalit, are you sure?

in Primavera softwares, relationship lines colour are significant: red is a driving critical relationship, black solid a driving non critical, black dotted a not driving

therefore, you cannot change the colours


Ron Beechey
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I believe it can not be done