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Original and remaining durations

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Ron Beechey
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We are using p6 and on a task that has not started the original duration is 90 units and remaining duration is 90 units.  I need to change the Original duation to 50 units as the crew has found a method to do the task quicker.  When I change the orignal duration to 50 the remaining duration should also change.   It doesnt   It remains at 90.   I then set the OD to 90 again and change the remaining to 50 and the OD doesnt change.  Normally the OD on unstarted tasks would be the same as the RD.   Anyone have a suggestion on the fix for this issue.   The task type is fixed duration and Units/time.  %Complete type is Physical.  Default for the project is fixed duration& units, and physical precent complete type.

Nothing seems to be odd but the user would change both RD and OD when he adds a new task to the schedule.   During copy and pastes.   Other projects using the same database and the same resources have no other problems


Ron Beechey
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Thanks Rajesh

This is different for this project as it doesnt have Link Budget and at completion for not started activies checked nor under resource assignments Recal actual units and cost when duration % complete changes and link actual ad actual this period units and cost is also not checked.


Thanks again for the feed back


Rajesh Khanna Sake
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In project details window> Calculations tab> under Activities, there is a check box - 'Link Budget and At Completion for not started activities'. Make sure that is checked. I think, that should fix the problem.