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Database Configuration Problem

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Irfan Khan
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Hi to all,


Since last two months i was using Primavera v6.0 & now i upgrade it from Primavera v6.7.

But the problem is that whenever i m going to open my Primavera this message is appearing

"  The database has not been configured to run background jobs. To correct this problem, please contact your System Administrator or see the Administrator's Guide "

Have any solution pls reply soon..

i ill be highly obliged 




Gary Whitehead
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Hi Mike,


I wouldn't look forward to Lynda's contributions too much. She is a spammer and I've asked admin to ban her.





Mike Testro
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Hi Lynda

Welcome to Planning Planet - we look forward to your contribution.

In future please try to avoid responding to long dead threads - if you have a new point to make then start a new one.

Best regards

Mike Testro

Lynda Lawrence
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Amit Parmar (PMP)
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As suggested by niles, the answer is in the admin guide, since the database has to be cofigured to run background jobs, the same can be done either by you if u have database knowledge or your IT support.

If you tell me your database version and Primavera version, i will post the queries that you need to run in order to fix the problem.

All in all its not a problem as such if you are using a stand-alone version since the quantity of data being feteched is not that.



Amit Parmar


walid Lahiani
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Good morning,

I have one friend who changed from primavera 6.5 to 6.7 

Our administartor said to him to wait the starting of all the applications of the computer (when he open the computer) before starting Primavera


Good luck

niles luo
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   We can find the solution in 'P6_70_Documentation\<language>\Product Manuals\adminguide.pdf '. The solution depends on the Database you use.

Best Regards