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Login Dialog : "The database has not been configured to run background jobs..."

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Shane Pouch
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Hello to all,

I am trying to find out why a certain dialog box appears right after I login to P6.  

So, the P6 "Login to Primavera P6" dialog box comes up on starting the program.  I plug in my password, and the the login dialog box title changes to "Connecting to database...", then "Validating user...", then this is when I get a "Primavera P6" dialog box with the following text and an "OK" button:
 Can someone 1) explain what this means, and 2) how it can be resolved?  

Thanks in advance for your help!


Rafael Davila
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Try logging into SQL Server 2005 Express and highlight the pmdb$primavera database. Click on New Query and paste the following command on the query pane at top right:

select log_time, source, type, description from dbo.bgplog;

then click on Execute and that is all.

If it works good, but don't ask me why, is a solution I read somewhere else.