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Importing resource units for weekly updates

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Matthew Spuffard
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I have an issue when importing labour units to my schedule on a weekly basis via excel, I have collected the hours against activity IDs in the schedule and each week create a pivot table in excel. I then use the vlookup function in excel to populate the new actual hours in the import sheet and then import these to the programme and reschedule for the new week.

Everything works fine but I have noticed that P6 then changes the total amount of hours spent in the previous weeks in the activity usage profile.

e.g. say I have 5 weeks of data and I'm updating the 6th. If weeks 4 & 5 show values of 10k and 12k hours, after week 6 is imported and rescheduled these values change, this is also true for material resources.

Is there any way I can stop this from happening? I am currently presenting my client with histograms generated in excel with the correct incremental figures which look nothing like the histogram from the resource usage profile from P6, although the cumulative total figure is the same.

This is causing problems with getting figures to correlate through different reports and causing past reports data to be inconsistant with new reports

I am however importing the total amount of the units used for each activity ID each week so maybe this is causing the units to be spread out across the profile evenly, but I cannot seem to find a method to import the units by date increments.

Ideally I need to have an excel sheet similar to the activity usage spreadsheet from P6, which I can populate and import each week which would fix the problem. Is there any way I can do this?


Matthew Spuffard
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Ok, thanks for all the help. I now have this under control with the financial periods setup.


My next question would be if I can import past values to give a true reflection of work performed?

I have all of the past hours spent and materials installed saved in weekly increments by activity ID from the start of the project and could create an import sheet quite easilly, however the import/export function does not allow incremental period values as far as i'm aware.

I have a P6 report made which outputs to excel showing the period values, would importing this with the new correct values work?

I am looking at the Primavera SDK as a solution but I'm unable to find the activities6.xls spreadsheet I see mentioned on other forum threads, I have created a connection via excel using the external data function which seems to connect but then does not show any data. only user name and password is displayed in cells.

can this be done with access or is there a better solution?

Thanks again for your help.

Shareef Abdul Azeez
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You have to Post Period Performance, after every update, to lock the data which has already been updated.




Best Regards

Shareef A Azeez

Rafael Davila
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Financial periods shall be infinite, precise to the minute if you update activities performance; cost, resources and volume of work to the minute. Infinite financial periods means all is automatic.

You shall be able to report on actual costs (resources and volume of work) between any two dates to the hour and your tables shall be able to display changes to the hour if you choose such a report.

What if your updating is weekly and your month ends on the middle of the week? What if you need accurate cost report on a daily basis between two dates for a court claim? The software shall not average but use true actuals, timed as they happen.

At home any corporation can chose their own end of financial year month, can be January, as well as October or any other month, so your quarters do change, though some other filings follow the natural year. If your software limits you to a single fixed financial periods this is quite a limitation. I suppose you shall be able to define multiple financial periods, just look at the way to do it within your software.


infinite financial periods

Matthew Spuffard
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No, but looking at the financial period window this is what I've been doing wrong as they have not been setup.

I've just done a batch create for this, do you know of anyway to re-alocate the hours over the past periods. theres about 3 months of the project to go back through?

Matthew Spuffard
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no, this has not been setup.

Ferdinand U.
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are you using financial periods also?