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Cannot delete project because it is in shared mode

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Noe Radovan
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Joined: 18 Jan 2010
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How can I delete a project which is in shared mode? or how can I make it in exclusive mode?

The cause for this is my computer turns to sleep mode while primavera is still running. After I resume to sleep mode my admin user should need to log out and close the program, so I logout and close the program then open again the primavera. It’ still ok but the problem is the project that was open on the time the computer sleeps turn from exclusive to shared mode. It’s always showing that I open my project as shared mode everytime I update any changes. I can copy the project and I can also open the copied project as exclusive without any problem. But I cannot delete the original project cause it’s showing other users currently using it which is also admin.

I just only need to delete this project by all means. I cannot uninstall the program since I have other projects and I cannot back up all of it one by one.

Please note this is stand alone installation and no web access installed and I am accessing using admin without the sample. I tried creating a new admin and deleting the original project but still the same problem which is the file access mode is shared. Kindly please help me on this. Thanks in advance.



Santosh Bhat
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You need to edit the SQLIte database that you are using, try a tool like  and check the USESSIONS table for corrupted data or open sessions

Jeffrey Tolosa
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But P6 won't let you rename a project to an existing one, in this case, the one that you wish to delete.

Zoltan Palffy
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Patrick has an excellent point see if it is in check out mode

another trick is to copy some xer file and rename it to to the file that you want to delete and then check in that xer file. Then you can delete it

Patrick Mullen
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I'm not sure if this still work as I use SQL lite, but you used to be able to resolve this by making sure the project was "Checked-in" and active. When the project is in shared mode, the project would get "checked-out" and would remove your ability to delete the project. Make sure the project is checked-in under the project settings as shown below.


Roy Godbee
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I cannot delete old projects.  P6 gives me the message that the project is in "shared mode" and there are "other users".  I am using a stand-alone version and obviously the only user so this doesn't make sense.  Also, when opening projects I do not have the option of opening exclusively. I have created a new database but this does not help.  I have read the previous posts and replies but these do not help. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Noe Radovan
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Joined: 18 Jan 2010
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I shut down my computer and still the same. I cannot delete this project.
niles luo
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Shut down and reboot your computer. It will be ok.
Best Regards.