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Error message: Out of Memory

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Jatinder KUMAR
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My Primavera is showing the following Error Message:

"Your system is out of memory.Please close other application and try this operation again." My computer is jammed, can’t do any activity except ctrl+altr+ delete then clsoe the primavera application.

There is no other window or activity going on my computer and I have restarted my computer but still same message.

Any one know: why this message and what is the solution??


Oliver Melling
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I get the same message occasionally, it is because your computer does not have enough memory to run the software programme.
This is because the schedules you have require more calculation capacity than you computer can handle.

You need to ask your manager for more RAM or a new (higher spec) computer.
David Smith
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This can and most likely is associated with a corrupt user profile.

The following query can be run against your database:

Update userdata set user_data = null where topic_name = ’pm_settings’ and user_id in (select user_id from users where user_name = ’’);

where is the user’s login id for primavera.

Your user preferences will all be reset to defaults, but your filters and layouts will still be there.

David Smith