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error message: Unable to create Temporary file

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Mangesh Khuspe
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Joined: 10 Apr 2007
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i am trying to schedule a project in p3 and it is giving me error messgae
Unable to create temporary file , Possibly out of disk space.
what does it mean as there is large amount of space available on disk.




Ashraf Jahangeer
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Hi there,

Please check that your project is being saved in sub sub sub directory.

Primevera has a limit for this make a new directory in root and try to save it there.


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if the temp file directory is located on server, please allow every user have his own temp file directory. Some the temp file may be in same name, if one user already "point" to that file, others may have trouble.
Mangesh Khuspe
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Joined: 10 Apr 2007
Posts: 162
dieter well i do not have proper access rights under windows but these files are not located on c drive, they are located on main server.
but if i guess that the temporary files are stored in p3 directory and not having proper rights will not schedule the project, am i right.


Dieter Wambach
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Hi Mangesh
Do you have appropriate access rights under Window? Temporary files will be written into a certain directoy - in general under P3WIN. You’ll need the appropriate rights for this directory.