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WBS Names not updating during import to P6

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Ian Wilkinson
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I have an existing project in my portfolio which I recieved from a contractor. I received an update of the project from the contractor and imported the update into my existing project using the option "Update Existing Project". The WBS option was set to "Update Existing". I imported the project. I then checked the updated programme with a PDF supplied by the contractor and found that the WBS Name had not changed in the updated programme compared with the WBS name on the PDF. I phoned the contactor who confirmed the WBS name on his project agrees with the PDF. Somehow, the WBS has failed to update during the import/update existing programme.

Any Ideas?


Zoltan Palffy
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try insert new for the wbs

Binu Thankaian
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While doing update transfer in the same programme with different update, after impoting into the programme, the WBS not found in the programme. but the Import was successful. 

Rodel Marasigan
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I also experience the same before and when I done my investigation why it was happening I found out that if you used import to update the existing projects it will not touch or delete Activity ID but can add if not exist, update WBS if the activity is already assigned to existing WBS and many others. The reason why is because these are the basic unique identifier of an existing project on Primavera database. During my analysis, I tried a force update using direct modification on Primavera database table and lost other connections to related tables like PROJWBS, TASKRSRC, ROLES, RSRC, ACCOUNTS..etc. It will import everything if you select create a new project instead of update existing.

Note: XER will not modified existing records on TASK table for Activity ID, Resource assignment, Resource, WBS and will add instead if these are change from the original Projects. Sometimes it may not also update relationship, cost account and roles to existing activities. You can check all fields that not updatable using the excel export. Any fields with * is not updatable.