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User Preference Settings in P6

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Michael Perry
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To all

Can you bypass user preference settings for setting number of hours allocated per day

I would like to use the calender assigned to each activity to specify what a day is in hours

I am trying to combine programs with different calendars

Many thank’s in advance

Mike Perry


Oliver Melling
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The only option that you have is to change the preference settings to hours for duration. This will give the correct durations but is not ideal!
Saleh Elshobokshi
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Primavera promissed that this improvement will be part of next release i.e. P6 ver 7 expected towards end of this year.
Sandy Matheson
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This is a major fault with P5/P6 which I raised with them a long time ago. We also need to use different hours/day calendars due to activities happening in different work areas. Primavera (now swallowed up by Oracle) identified this as an ’improvement’ request which they will consider. But I think probably now forgotten. I have my concerns about what focus Oracle will have on any correction or improvement of the package.
Robert Lowe
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Good Day Mike,

From reading your post, it looks like you want to redefine the length of a day from one activity to another, i.e. one activity is defined as an 8 hour day and another activity is defined as a 12 hour day, etc.

Typically the length of a day, for summary purposes, is a global setting. My experience with this is you really don’t want to play around with this globally. If you are working on a network, Administrator can check off a box in Admin Preferences that will allow the individual users to redefine their work periods and the global settings will stay put for summary purposes. If you are working standalone then you may have other avenues, such as project calendars or resource calendars.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,