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Convert a Global activity code to an EPS activity codes

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Richard Heimpel
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We recently moved from V3.5 to V5 and now want to take advantage of using EPS codes. We plan on tightening security access to the Global Coding and allow the various levels of the EPS to create their own codes as they deem necessary. Therefore there are several codes that exist as Global (created in V3.5) that we wish to make as an EPS code. I know we can go up the chain Project to EPS to Global, how can we go down the chain Global to EPS?
I have several codes with several values in several projects involved hopefully manually is not an option.


Zoltan Palffy
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you can use sdk and the excel spreadsheet to do this 

Ozgur Goral
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Hello all, 

I recently changed a .XER  file (by a text editor) the section which includes the AS_EPS information and changed it to AS_PROJECT and removed the Project id from the same section as well. I imported the .XER file and I was able to see the Activity Codes. But while working on the project I started to get an error, and I couldn't realize why it happened but I am sure it is because of this change.

 The Error What I Got is: Exception TbusinessObjectException in module PM.exe 006C4D21 TactivityCode.getScope: Unknown Scope Type 

If anyone has any idea about this error please let me know it urgently. I don't want to re-install it, because I have to change the activity codes in monthly basis from  AS_EPS to AS_PROJECT. 

thanks ina advance for your replies. 

Rodel Marasigan
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Hi Richard,

As you said, there is an option to make the Project Activity code to Global or EPS but not to go down from Global to EPS and Project. The only way to do this is to run an SQL queries from your SQL database and select all the actv_code_type_id of all global activity codes that you want to convert to EPS level from "ACTVTYPE" (activity type) table and change the actv_code_type_scope field from AS_GLOBAL to AS_EPS. In order to identify the activity code ID link your "ACTVCODE" table and display the actv_code_name field.

This should solve your problem.