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Track Cost on the Cost Account

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cora tam
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I am fairly new to P3e/c.

I would like to know if there is a way, like the P3 Version 3.1, in which you could assign a cost account to track budgeted cost, actual this period and actual to date on P3 e/c.

Do I have to asssign a resource so I could track cost on P3 e/c?

Thanks for your help.


David Kelly
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P3e/c has a cost account dictionary as well. It also allows "expenses" which are non-resource activity costs.

I believe P3e/c is a superb cost planning system, especially version 5 which adds past-period actuals and overhead/WBS activities. In this regard it makes P3 3.1 look hopelessly inadequate.

There are so many excellent facilities for cost management and reporting that a forum like this can hardly do it justice. I should probably write the book!