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Exporting EPS from Standalone P3e to LAN P3e

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Amr Tabbarah
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Is there a way to export, or any other method, EPS and all its related Projects from a Standalone P3e (Version 4.1) to LAN P3e (also Verison 4.1).

Would appreciate any suggestions.



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Hi Mate,

XER import, export is great for PROJECTS that is already in PRIMAVERA.

but what about EPS, activities data that is from EMAILS or EXCEL files that your customers or contractors send to you?

most of the time, planners spend a lot of time entering these data into their primavera system isnt it?

similar to this situation is where, you have a stand-alone version and want to get the EPS, or Project CODES to the production server. you can’t because XER doesn’t support it.

check it out, its a tools that might help you out with data-entry into Primavera.

Its called "SUNTECH Toolbox",
SUNTECH Toolbox: was created because Primavera is a great tool, just that it lacks functionality in terms of BULK data-entry. where most Projects have heaps and heaps of data from Emails and Spreadsheets that need entering.

Vu Dang
Managing Director

NOTE: I had also request this website to be added to the LINK in the Planning planet, they will get back to me soon, so in the future, you can find this website in the LINK section of this website.
Shirish Borkar
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The easiest way is to use XER export and Import for Resources, Roles and Projects.

But This will not help you to update Global data like EPS, Project Codes, Calendar, Activity codes etc.