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Import from Excel 2007

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Taqi Hasan
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Joined: 26 Jan 2003
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Hi Every1!,

It seems Excel 2007 does not allow documents to be saved as wk1 or dbf formats. Is there any method to resolve this issue? In my computer i have installed "Open Office" from where i am able to convert xls files into wk1 files.. Thanks in advance.


Zoltan Palffy
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as a work around you can install open office for free it supports opening and saving in the dbf format

here is the link

Susanna Kate
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Follow the following steps:
  1. In Microsoft Project, go to File | Open.
  2. Change the Files of Type combo box to Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx).
  3. Select the extract file and click Open.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. Select Use Existing Map.
  6. Select the Excel MPP map.
  7. Select Append the Data to the Active Project

Hope it helps.

Gün Göksu
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Somebody please check if the "Office file converter pack" (OCONVPCK.EXE) found under works for excel 2007.
it says nothing for excel 2007.

Thank you.
Gün. :)
Gün Göksu
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hello again,

sorry I cant find the addon. I probably have misread the download microsoft offers for office2003 users to open and save office2007 files.

I suggest you try opening the file via odbc into excel.
It should work. you may need an odbc driver though.

I am downloading an excel2007 trial version now to try it out.
hope it does not mess up my office2003.

will post info as it comes up.

Gün Göksu
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here is it:

the following was taken from microsoft’s excel blog.

title of post is: Deprecated features for Excel 2007
File Format Support

Historically Excel has supported many different data formats. We have determined that a number of these older formats are seldom, if ever used. We are removing support for some file types to allow us to devote more of our efforts towards the file formats that are being used. Theses formats are being deprecated in 2 ways. For the set of file formats with the lowest usage, we will be discontinuing support for opening and saving of these formats. For the second set that has some minimal usage, we will support loading the files in Excel 2007 to allow you to save them in a newer format.

The following formats cannot be opened or saved in Excel 2007:

* WK1 (1-2-3)
* WK4 (1-2-3)
* WJ3 (1-2-3 Japanese) (.wj3)
* WKS (1-2-3)
* WK3,(1-2-3)
* WK1,FMT(1-2-3)
* WJ2 (1-2-3 Japanese) (.wj2)
* WJ3, FJ3 (1-2-3 Japanese) (.wj3)
* DBF 2 (dBASE II)
* WQ1 (Quattro Pro/DOS)
* WK3,FM3(1-2-3)
* Microsoft Excel Chart (.xlc)
* WK1,ALL(1-2-3)
* WJ1 (1-2-3 Japanese) (.wj1)
* WKS (Works Japanese) (.wks)

The following formats may be opened, but not saved to in Excel 2007:

* Microsoft Excel 2.1 Worksheet
* Microsoft Excel 2.1 Macro
* Microsoft Excel 3.0 Worksheet
* Microsoft Excel 3.0 Macro
* Microsoft Excel 4.0 Worksheet
* Microsoft Excel 4.0 Macro
* Microsoft Excel 97- Excel 2003 & 5.0/95 Workbook
* Microsoft Excel 4.0 Workbook
* DBF 4 (dBASE IV)
Gün Göksu
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Joined: 31 Mar 2005
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I suggest you take a look at

its opensource, very flexible, very complete.
it has some good addons too.

the menu’s are nearly identical to M$’s.
opens xls and doc files like M$’s.

it works like you want it to. no fiddling behind your back.
you can modify the source or add to it like you want.

and it can run through a usb flash disk with very minimal twinkling. so you dont have to run an install to use it (search google).

imagine having excel, word, access, web integration, powerpoint, picture editor, and all the rest in your flash drive ready to run anywhere. Its done.

sorry, its freeware, and i am not affiliated to it.


ps: as for excel2007 I think I remember that there was an addon on microsoft’s site to add backward functionality (old discontinued formats re add). will do a search and post the link here.
mimoune djouallah
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God bless Sun God bless open source; my friend it is a only a matter of time

Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hi Taqi Hassan
are you sure that Excel 007 does not need an additional filter to be installed to read/write wk1 files?
it would work with Custom install