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High level plan with resource mapping and deliverables

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Lorenzo Cecchini
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I'm managing a program and I'm struggling on finding the right tool for planning.

I tried Smartsheet and multiple online tools, I can't give multiple resources with diverse work allocation to a same task.
I tried MS project, visualization is pretty poor.
I tried Excel, does exactly what I need but opens the door to errors.

Basically I would work at a high level for 6 projects with the same Work Break down structure. Each project will have the same 10 main tasks.
Each project has common resources and also specific resources dedicated to projects.
Along each task there are milestones / deliverables proper to each project.

I would visualize the milestones and deliverables over the task bar for visualization purpose.

To map resources, I would assign a work allocation also to deliverables, in order to do not complexif with multiple tasks but consider the workload of the resource in delivering something e.g. a workshop in the middle of a long task.

Any advise?

Thank you,


Rodel Marasigan
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It looks like you are looking for a resource pooling software. There are plenty available in the market. Try to search via internet and check which one meets your requirement.